This fresh, dry cider made from Jonathan apples is sure to please.

Light and fruity apple aromas combined with a clean tart finish. This light and refreshing cider is perfect on a warm afternoon.
Immediately after pressing this cider was cold settled and allowed to oxidize for 48 hours then racked off the heavy sediment. We fermented this cider very slowly at a low temperature over a month to make sure we weren’t losing any of the delicate apple aromas. After fermentation was complete we added in more fresh cider to give us our desired sweetness and filtered it into a pressure tank. We force carbonated it to about 18 psi and bottled it with counter pressure to maintain the carbonation.
  • Alcohol: 7.2%
  • pH: 3.4
  • TA: 3 g/L
  • RS: 14 g/L
  • Yeast Used: CY3079, D47
  • M/L Used: N/A
  • Fermentation: Temperature Controlled